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Clark Land Office was founded in Sequim, Washington in 1991 with the goal of providing more than just surveying services.

Whether the problem is boundary line disputes, a complex development requiring multiple permits, or a large residential development, our clients require more than just technical expertise. Sound advice and expert assistance in all phases of the project are essential. Our staff was assembled with this idea in mind. Each member of the firm brings knowledge and experience in the areas necessary to meet the needs and surpass expectations of our clients.

With numerous years of cumulative experience on the Olympic Peninsula, our technical staff and firm have earned trust and formed relationships with regulatory personnel and agencies.

Our surveying personnel have an extensive background in all areas, including construction layout for roadway, utility and structures, tideland surveys for both private land owners and state aquatic land leases, topographical, bathymetric, boundaries, ALTA/ACSM surveys, subdivisions and other miscellaneous work. We currently have two licensed land surveyors on staff and fast, experienced, reliable field crews. We are fully equipped with total stations, data collectors, automatic levels, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) both static and real time (RTK), vehicles and all general use equipment necessary to complete the task.

Our large file data base and experienced AutoCAD drafting department allow us to produce high quality drawings while minimizing drafting time. All of our surveying personnel, including field surveyors, are AutoCAD proficient in both design and drafting.

We are continually adding to our library of reference, research and legal material. In today's ever-changing regulatory environment, familiarity with the latest regulations, ordinance, permit requirements, as well as proposed changes is as important as technical expertise.

These resources, in the hands of our experienced staff, enable us to meet the needs of our clients from the earliest project planning through the permit process, final design and closing out of construction.


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