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Scot B. Clark, PLS - Owner/President, Principal Surveyor




Everett Community College

LSAW Continuing Education


Registrations & Affiliations


Professional Land Surveyor,

State of Washington, No. 38956

Land Surveyors' Association of Washington

International Union of Operating Engineers




Scot Clark, as owner and Principal Surveyor, is responsible for project management. His in-office duties include preparation of budgets for surveying and construction projects, scheduling project personnel, document research, calculations, planning and post-processing of GPS data and handling land development projects from preliminary application stage through final approval and recording. He coordinates projects with outside contractors, engineering firms, construction firms and government agencies. His field duties consist of boundary surveys, control surveys, GPS, GLO corner recovery, topographic surveys, bathymetric surveys, and riparian surveys.




Prior to entering the land surveying field in 1992, Scot had ten years of construction and construction management experience, with an emphasis on earthwork and utilities, making construction related surveys his specialty.


He has worked closely with local governmental agencies, including the Cities of Sequim and Port Angeles for surveying, mapping and construction layout on various road, water and sewer line projects, as well as working with the Port of Port Angeles and Port of Port Townsend on airport and waterfront projects. He has an excellent working relationship with local contractors, developers and private clients. He has gained a reputation for honesty, reliability and accuracy which results in so many of our clients returning time and again for all their surveying and property development needs.

James C. Almaden, PLS - Owner/Vice President


Peninsula College

LSAW Continuing Education

Registrations & Affiliations

Professional Land Surveyor,

State of Washington, No. 44623

Land Surveyors' Association of Washington


Jim Almaden is responsible for calculations, research and coordination of survey and construction projects, as well as scheduling project personnel and providing prospective clients with estimates for surveying projects. He also performs AutoCAD drafting for surveys and plats. He coordinates scheduling with contractors and construction firms. His field duties consist of boundary surveys, topographic surveys, bathymetric surveys, riparian surveys, and complex control surveys including GPS and GLO corner recovery.


Mr. Almaden has been working in land surveying since 1993. His career began in the timber industry, providing him with knowledge and background in the process of timber harvesting, which has been of great value to him especially in the area of larger scale timber boundary work.

Jim has been in charge of numerous construction projects with various contractors and governmental agencies and has performed countless boundary surveys in the area. He has an excellent reputation in all aspects of the land surveying profession.


Clark Land Office Key Personnel

Knut Orloff, Construction Site Surveyor

Twenty years experience in land surveying. Specific tasks include boundary and topographic surveys, construction layout and office calculations.

Kathryn Sidwell, Computer Aided Drafting

Twelve years experience in Civil Drafting with Surveying, AutoCAD and research documents.

Sharon Stevens, Office/Accounting Manager

Fifty-three years experience in data entry, 41 years experience in Accounts Payable/Receivable, 33 years experience in Payroll Services.


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